Community Foodie

Community Foodie, a sustainable community food growing project, needed a complete branding solution that would encourage communities across Wales to grow food using allocated plots. The brand needed to be engaging, encouraging, tactile with a huge sense of earthiness and sustainability. We created a brand with scope to enthuse and encourage people to become involved with the Community Foodie project, it was essential that the brand had loads of personality, with a  handmade feel making it accessible to all. We extended the branding over a wide range of mediums, creating a fully stocked starter pack for anyone wanting to get involved with the project, which included information for food growing, accessories and a a set of stunning p, designed for sharing surplus supplies.
  • Branding: Leanne Witts
  • Design: Leanne Witts, Alexis West
  • Web Design & Development: Alexis West
  • Year: 2012