Oliver Pearce

Oliver Pearce, a contemporary jewellery range designed by Jeremy Tosh, is a range based on a tale of two sides, “saints and sinners”. Taking this concept on board, we created a promotional hand out and gatefold promotional brochure for the range. Taking the symbols from the jewellery design, we created two intricate pen and ink illustrations, that played on the vice versa aspect of the range, a skull made up from symbols that depicted the “bad” side of the range, and a heart made up from imagery from the “good” side of the range. To really show off the intricacy of the design, and to get a sense of the mood of the range, we hot foil embossed the illustrations on to a really tactile paper stock.
  • Direction: Leanne Witts
  • Design: Alexis West
  • Illustration: Alexis West
  • Year: 2012 / 2014