1928 Vintage

1928, an Art Deco inspired range of Jewellery, whilst a firm and a longtime favourite needed to extend it’s reach and attract a wider audience. We embarked on a rebrand which saw the addition of “Vintage” in order to solidify the brand name and also to make an a long standing product more relevant, particularly in the current trend tending toward the “Vintage” renaissance. We wanted to ensure that the branding and the range remained true to it’s roots and that the styling of the branding reflected the integrity of the product, opting for a more refined approach whilst ensuring we avoided tendencies toward a more trend–led interpretation of the term Vintage. The rebrand saw the range emerging from an online order product only to a positioning in top department stores.
  • Branding: Leanne Witts
  • Design: Leanne Witts
  • Year: 2013